Good amp gone bad?

Amplifier repairs and modifications. Custom Amp builds.

Hamley Amplification (Brunswick Amplifier LLC), located in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializes in the repair of vintage musical instrument amplifiers and Binson Echorecs. I also offer a line of custom amplifier builds. I will build anything that you can think of, but will offer some standard amplifiers as bases to start with. These amplifiers are hand-wired and feature quality components and robust designs that will stand up to hard use while delivering tone equivalent to or better than other boutique amps costing much more.

I also specialize in the repair and refurbishment of Binson Echorecs. These devices are legendary effects used by the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and are the cherished possessions of the studios and musicians that use them for their unique analog delay effects. More than twenty machines have made their way through the shop and have left in excellent working order.