My story

I have been involved in electrical engineering and music for over 30 years. A long career in aerospace electronics coupled with playing guitar gives me a good combination of the knowledge of electronics and the tone desired by guitarists.

Whether I am designing an amplifier or repairing yours, my approach is engineering-based and not dependent on myth and folklore. I will only apply the fundamentals of science and engineering to your valued gear. I understand the operation of tube amps and gear, will only fix what is needed, and communicate thoroughly with you what needs to be done to ensure that the gear is returned to you in top notch condition.

There limitations however. Unfortunately, modern amps are not built to be serviced without special gear, and I am not in the position to take on some repairs. I may have to decline working on your amp for that reason. Generally speaking, if it was made before 1985, we’re good to go. Mass production amps made after that are accepted on a case-by-case basis.